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Application for Pool or Spa Permit

Type of Permit

A performance deposit of $100 is required with the permit fee once your application is approved.

The deposit will be reimbursed once you have scheduled an inspection and have demonstrated conformance with the municipal laws.

Location of work:
Water Supply:
Type of Fence:

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All the statements and representations contained in the attached documents filed in support of this application shall be deemed part of this application for all purposes.

Sufficient information shall be submitted with each application to enable the Chief Building Official to determine whether or not the proposed work will conform to the municipal regulations and any other applicable law.

I am the authorized owner/agent of the owner mentioned in the above application and certify the truth of all the statements or representations contained therein. I understand that the issuance of a permit shall not be deemed a waiver of any of the provisions of any by-laws or applicable laws, notwithstanding anything included in or omitted from the plans or other material filed in support of or in connection with the above application.

I acknowledge that in the event a permit is issued, any departure from specific conditions, plans, specifications or locations proposed in the above application is prohibited and could result in the permit being revoked. I further acknowledge that in the event the permit is revoked for any cause or irregularity or non-conformity with municipal by-laws or applicable laws, there shall be no claim whatsoever against the municipal corporation or any official thereof and any such claim is hereby expressly waived.

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