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Delegation Request

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How to make a delegation request

  1. Anyone desiring to address the Council shall complete the attached form and submit it to the Clerk at least seven (7) days prior to the Committee of the Whole meeting. If a request form is received late or if the Agenda is deemed full, the Request Form shall be considered for the next Committee of the Whole meeting.
  2. Related or background information shall also be provided with the request form at least seven (7) days prior to the Committee of the Whole meeting and will be included in Council’s package for their review before the meeting.

At the meeting

Public delegations are always the first item on the Committee of the Whole agenda. The Mayor will invite delegations to the podium to speak on their issues. Delegation presentations are limited to 10 minutes. Following the presentation, the Mayor and Councillors may ask questions to the delegation. Upon closure of the discussion, Council may direct staff to prepare a resolution for their consideration at a future Council meeting or refer the item to the appropriate department and/or committee for further input or advice.

Important information about public meetings held under the Planning Act

Public meetings held under the Planning Act, give property owners/residents the opportunity to voice opinions or comments regarding an application for the approval of:

  1. Zoning By-law Amendments
  2. Official Plan Amendments
  3. Plans of Subdivision or Condominium

Such public meetings are generally held and scheduled during an Infrastructure, Planning and Public Utilities Standing Committee meeting with notice given to immediate area residents. Under the Planning Act, if you do not express your views at the Public meeting or in writing to the Clerk’s Department before or during the public meeting, the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) may refuse your request for referral (objection) or dismiss all or part of your appeal without holding a hearing. In light of the above, delegation requests regarding any aspect of an official plan amendment, zoning by-law amendment or plans of subdivisions or condominiums will not be accepted between the conclusion of a Public meeting and Final Reading of the By-law.


Purpose of presentation:

NB: If requesting action of Council, clearly describe what you are asking for belowor in a separate attachment.

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